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RecallCast allows you to keep track of products, food, and drugs you use and receive alerts if they’ve been recalled.

RecallCast was inspired by the hundreds and thousands of people who are adversely affected by defective products they were using, ignorant of the fact that they had been recalled by the manufacturer. The concept is simple: RecallCast pulls in recalls from the Food and Drug Administration (drugs and packaged food), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (consumer products), and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (autos, tires, and car seats) and indexes and tags them. As a RecallCast user, you can set up watch alerts on given terms, and if those terms appear in a recall, you will be notified via email.

One interesting thing I did with RecallCast was treat tags as saved searches: if a user searches for a given term, the system first looks for a tag for the given term, and returns items with that tag. If the tag doesn’t exist, the system performs a full-text search for the term, and if it finds it, it tags the resulting recalls with the search term. This acts as a simple way of caching what could be a resource-intensive search, adding semantic value to the recalls in the system, and allowing users to easily see which terms are most watched.

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I'm M. Jackson Wilkinson, a technologist, designer, speaker, educator, and writer in San Francisco. I'm the Founder of Kinsights. I'm from Philadelphia, went to Bowdoin College in Maine, root for the Phillies, and love to sing.


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Nov 01, 2008


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