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The Humble Gourmand

An online food and drink magazine that takes an informal and low-cost approach to great cuisine.

When my good friend and financial journalist/editor Alison L. McConnell came to me asking how she could best get involved in food journalism and establish a portfolio, I encouraged her to think less about having “yet another food blog” and more about creating a more magazine-style online publication to show off her writing and editorial backgrounds more effectively.

The product of this brainstorm is The Humble Gourmand, an online food and drink magazine that Alison publishes monthly, drawing from a staff of a dozen contributing authors. Over its first year, it has developed a modest but solid following, and has brought opportunities for many of the writers involved in the project — in short, it’s done exactly what it was designed to do.

I led the design of the interface, and implemented everything in Django. The backend has proven to be a reasonably flexible publishing platform for culinary needs, and we were able to instantly expand to include a beer column and other features. The design has been picked up by many galleries and lists as a solid example of a clean and minimal design, which is about the best I can muster as a visual designer.

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I'm M. Jackson Wilkinson, a technologist, designer, speaker, educator, and writer in San Francisco. I'm the Founder of Kinsights. I'm from Philadelphia, went to Bowdoin College in Maine, root for the Phillies, and love to sing.


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Dec 16, 2008


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M. Jackson Wilkinson
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M. Jackson Wilkinson

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