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The End of :hover?

The biggest issue one might have using the web on an iPad:

When I sat down to a redesign of the Gameplan admin interface I suddenly came to a realisation, :hover doesn’t work. It’s entirely possible I’d skim read this somewhere, but somehow the implications for my design work had passed me by until I saw an iPad in use.

For many, we often think about how many clicks a user goes through to complete a given interaction, and it somehow feels like the use of hover can alleviate part of that friction. If you care about the iPad or the similar copycat devices sure to appear before too long, that option is fading away quickly.

Of course, we can all take heart in the fact that well-done progressive disclosure is possible regardless of the number of clicks or taps involved. It’s about ensuring that every step in the interaction is clear and valuable more than it’s about fewer clicks.

It’s another one of those constraints that might make us all better designers.

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